New Year & New products


Happy New Year to all my followers and hope that you have enjoyed the festivities of late?  I’ve had a great time over the holidays to clear my head of pending orders and spent time developing my new ideas going into 2016. Many of my ideas have been around for some time but in my quieter times been able to hone them in my mind before I go ahead and produce them. One of the newest entries into the product list are the lettered wares which were well received at the last craft fayre of the year 2015 at the Mochyn Ddu public house at Sofia Gardens.  As you may have guessed its a very Welsh themed pub where many of the Welsh speaking enjoy a pint of ale speaking the oldest language of Europe.  Of course the new lettered wares are not only available in Welsh but of any language! I don’t profess to know every word for various crockery wording but this year I am sure all the major languages will be available to purchase.
The last few craft fayres were very successful with my ‘Wind and Wuthering theme and could have sold much more had I made more available to sell.  This pleased me no end because many times I have designed things which didnt sell very well but its so refreshing to feel that something I’m passionate about is felt by others. As my slogan suggests I am ‘Inspired by nature’ and its going to be fun producing special pieces of which five have already been made for decoration. One of these pieces will be the gates of Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey which are so wonderfully made and reflect the magic of the place.


Website will be updated fully soon  with the new lettered wares so watch this space,



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